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Airport, Hospitality, Tour & Travel Management

Using the latest interactive teaching technologies, this course equips you with the knowledge and experience you need to establish your career in this field, covering a range of business, leadership and specialist areas including aviation law; business planning and entrepreneurship; crisis management and communication; and aviation safety and security.The diploma course in aviation, hospitality, and travel management will let you acquire:

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• Aviation, hospitality, and travel management industry knowledge 

• Professional knowledge of airport passenger handling and tourism. 

• In-depth knowledge of travel management. 

• Upgrade your soft skills for better communication. 

• Overall, personality development 

• There are numerous career opportunities to be explored along the way.

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A Diploma in Aviation Hospitality Travel & Tourism Management provides a foundation in all aspects of the tourism industry, including aviation and hospitality. It also teaches planning skills, as well as problem-solving and marketing skills.

In this field, you’ll be exposed to all aspects of the industry, from planning to flight operations. With a Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management, you’ll be well-prepared for the challenges that will come your way.In addition to aviation management, this course focuses on the management of travel and hospitality institutions. You’ll learn about aviation/travel business management, human resources, sustainability, and cross-cultural awareness, among many other areas. In addition to the practical application of aviation management, you’ll also learn about flight instrument operations and maintenance. Students who complete the diploma in Aviation Hospitality Travel & Tourism Management will gain a variety of job opportunities in the travel and hospitality industry. From working as a cabin crew to working in top-notch hotels, there are countless opportunities available to them. The course also teaches students about airport security and planning, and how to analyze passenger habits.

Skills Covered

Airport Management

Passenger Forecasting
Airport Security

Airport Planning
Our Testimonials

Student’s Testimonial

"If you are serious about your Aviation goal commitments and need a correct path, guidance to follow Disan Academy is your destination. What great learning environment with such personal attentive staff. My doubts regarding hospitality management,air-hostess, and every small aspects regarding to aviation industry were resolved it is indeed one of the best cabin crew training institute in thane. I recommend everyone to join Disan academy."

Aakanksha Kharat

"Disan Academy is definitely the best aviation academy in Thane. You can choose for your cabin crew career, as well as they will also give you the wings to fly by giving best personality development classes, good and appropriate aviation Knowledge and tremendous change by making you fully groomed. They pay a lot of attention on communication skills."

Raju Rajesh Singh

"Disan Academy is one of the best cabin crew training institute in thane. The staff is very co-ordinating and supportive. They prioritze the need and growth of every aspiring individual and helps to learn accordingly. I’ll be recommending it to everyone who aspire to be in cabin crew or air hostess learning. They should enroll with Disan academy today."

Faiz Shaikh